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Spybot is Anti-spyware software which can handle almost all malware
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Spybot is an on-demand spyware and malware scanner. It is developed by Safer Networking Ltd and is supported on all Windows operating systems. It scans for threats whenever you choose to do so, though it also provides immunization options. It basically scans the system for malicious programs or malware, like adware, spyware, trojans, key loggers etc.
Spybot can fix problems with undesirable changes in the registry caused by malware, deal with browser hijackers, key loggers, malware covered up as BHOs, cookie trackers, Trojans etc, clear up web-usage tracks and programs completely, provide file-shredding options.
Some of the key inbuilt tools are: resident - it consists of a browser helper for Internet Explorer that will block downloads of files which are malicious, tea-timer which keeps monitoring the processes initiated or about to begin, it immediately detects malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them.
Also Spybot lists all programs that are started at Windows startup. It shows illegitimate programs in red.
All in all it is a good overall protection against spyware.

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  • It is a freeware and updates are also free
  • Easy to install
  • Available in more than 24 languages and designable skins


  • Scanning process is slow
  • Conflicts with some Anti-virus programs like Norton
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